Future Parents


We are blessed to have our nieces and nephew only five houses away. We get to practice being parents all the time. These children have become part of our life and we love them with all our hearts. We are excited to take all that we learned with them as we become parents of our own.

Values We Will Instill In A Child: 

  1. Be kind, good, and respectful to all

  2. Family and heritage matter

  3. Do your best, always

  4. Live, Laugh, and Love

  5. Enjoy all life has to offer

Us with our Niece and Nephew.jpg

Things We’re Excited To Do With A Child:

  • Bowling

  • Mini-golf

  • Disney World!

  • Movies

  • Zoos & Aquariums (we are longstanding members)

  • Parks

  • Museums

  • Slurpees!