Family Is The Gift That Lasts Forever

Family Trip to Celebrate Bubby Goldie's

One thing you should know about us is that we are very family-oriented. Growing up, we were always surrounded by our loved ones, and every special occasion was spent together as a family. Our families are both very loving and caring. They make sure everyone gets acknowledgement for their accomplishments and successes, as well as support for the not so perfect moments. 

Tee’s parents and five awesome siblings (older brother, two younger sisters, and two younger brothers) live a 45-minute plane ride to the south of us, while her grandmother lives a 45-minute plane ride to the north. We are a close-knit group and visit with each other often. Aside from getting together for holidays or long weekends, we all talk regularly, sharing in each others’ lives. 

Josef’s family lives nearby in our community; his parents live ½ a mile away from us and one of Josef’s sisters lives around the corner in the house where Josef grew up. Josef also has another older sister and a younger brother. We are privileged to spend a lot of time with Josef's grandmother, a spirited woman who enjoys family vacations and cooking up a storm for the Jewish holidays. The family WhatsApp group is active daily, sharing the news and just “fun facts” of the happenings in our lives. 

We are eager to welcome a new member to our family. The whole family is waiting with open arms, including future great-grandmothers, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and especially the future cousins down the block. Our nieces and nephew can’t wait for a child to come home with us and to grow up with cousins only five houses away!

Family Traditions

  • Sunday pajama breakfast

  • Holidays are spent together

  • Birthday balloons, cakes, and celebrations!

  • Summer getaway to relax and enjoy each other’s company

  • Sunday funday - family fun each Sunday

  • Chinese food on Thanksgiving Day (turkey is for the weekend)

  • Breaking the matzah at the Passover seder