Our Story

At the Botanical Gardens in Washington D

Our story began when we were paired together as advisors on a youth weekend retreat. We hit it off that night and have been inseparable ever since. We spent our dating life walking through Central Park, visiting zoos and aquariums, and enjoying each other's company. Our love grew, and before we knew it, we were engaged. We got married in the summer of 2013, surrounded by our family and friends.

While dating, we discussed the beauty of adoption and the idea of opening our home to any child. The years of infertility strengthened our love and care for each other while reinforcing our desire to start our own family. We are so looking forward to growing our family through adoption and sharing our love with little ones.​

Things we love doing together:

  • Walking along nature trails

  • Picnicking in parks

  • Visiting zoos and aquariums (Tee loves aquariums!)

  • Learning something new in museums

  • Walking on the boardwalk by the beach

  • Cooking together

  • Cuddling up together while watching TV or reading a good book

Tee Getting Ready for our Wedding - can
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